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Keep up with what's happening at My Fat Puku cafe - from food & drinks to summer events and updates, we've got it all covered!

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Keep Cups Available

My Fat Puku is now 'Takeaway Coffee Cup' Free as part of the Island Initiative Program.

We encourage customers to bring your own cups if on the run, or stay and enjoy a relaxing coffee at the cafe. There are Keep Cups or Chunky Loan Cups available.

Did you know... that during the manufacturing process, paper takeaway cups are covered with a plastic paste also known as polyethylene. This helps the cup keep your coffee warm, but also prevents the cup from being recycled!

During our winter here, around 50% takeaway cups at My Fat Puku were the preferred choice. With removing these coffee takeaway cups, results in less to dispose of and transporting off island. We love to care for Aotea, and making a difference.

We thank you for your support and encouragement with this positive change.

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