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This is us.

We're big believers in the power of a good meal and a friendly place to eat it.

Stop by for fresh, locally sourced food, served with a warm smile.

My Fat Puku Owners

Meet the owners.

Brett & Julie

Our promise is to always greet you with a smile and offer friendly, efficient service and our passion is to connect with people, share our love of coffee and food, and have a place with a sense of ambience and flavour to share with visitors. 


Come see us and experience the tastes and atmosphere of My Fat Puku.


Brett, a self-confessed ‘townie’ has come along way since moving to Mangonui 8 years ago and is embracing the new move to the Great Barrier Island and immersing himself into the café culture, the community and Island living.


With two grown up children and one and ¾ grandchildren it’s time for Brett to embrace the next chapter in his life so, along with his lovely wife Julie, they have bought a caravan, a new business and completely up routed their comfortable lives.


Brett, a rural police officer for the last 16 years, is looking forward to seeing people at ‘face value’ and no shift work.


Being a member of the police Search and Rescue squad has been a great introduction to nature and the thought of exploring the island on foot has its own appeal.


Over the last four years Brett has been restoring a Kauri launch, which was finished last week and it is currently for sale. I know, he often asks the same question, why sell a boat when you are moving to an Island??

My Fat Puku Owner Brett
My Fat Puku Owner Julie


Having spent time on the Barrier as a young girl with her large family of seven, Julie got accustomed to the solitude and unspoilt nature that it provided. She returned years later purchasing a holiday home in Whangaparapara which, as a keen fisher person, was a dream come true as not only was she being self-sufficient she was also amongst the best fishing arena in the country. Eventually it was time to move up to the winterless north as she was taking on more interests like kite-surfing and it was a great place to raise her daughter Jessica. Fast forward a number of years and, with her daughter now taking flight from home to a naval career to start her own story, it’s time for Julie to start a new chapter of her story with her newly wedded husband Brett.


Her focus is on creating a ‘Less is More’ approach to enable an enjoyable, simpler, safer place for everyone. By removing the clutter that no longer serves her and replacing it with the simplicity of life, she looks forward to finding the enrichment from the wholeness of island life. Julie has been involved with office/administration roles all of her career and she is now ready to step out from behind the desk to start connecting with people and finding a real fulfillment of life. Great Barrier Island is a place that offers so much to our soul and provides a sense of realness. This special place is her answer to living life with abundance. While her passion is for delivering a safe place for people to relax, she knows the importance of her work/lifestyle balance so is looking forward to spending her spare time exploring the countless walks, beaches, springs, and waterfalls that Aotea, Great Barrier Island has to offer.


Julie is constantly developing her holistic well-being interest so watch this space……….

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