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Food & Drink.

Stop in and see us for the best eats and beverages on the island!

My Fat Puku Breakfast


The café My Fat Puku was created in 2015 when the then café 'Texas' was purchased by Erica Archibald and, after closing for several months, her vision of an upmarket café was realised.


The upmarket café as it stands today was born and has continued to grow and offer delicious food, organic coffee and locally grown produce wherever possible.

Wood-fired pizza.

Wood fired pizza, simply put, is pizza that is cooked in an oven that is fueled by wood. The burning of the wood produces flames and intense heat that cooks the pizza extremely quickly, in about a minute!

Erica personally built a Pompeii wood-fired pizza oven and together, with the construction of an outside courtyard area, they started catering for casual evening dining resulting in the best pizza offered on the island.

*Currently open Friday and Sunday evenings 5-7pm. Either Dine in or Takeaway Ph: 09 4290811. No need to book a table, just arrive. For large group bookings or special occasions, call to arrange with us.

My Fat Puku Pizza
My Fat Puku Pizza

Organico coffee.

Organico, the simple life. The small pleasures in our daily life, naturally crafted with few layers. Life as it was and as it should be. The Organico roastery has been established for over 30 years, and they have been pioneers of the NZ coffee industry.

Using high quality Arabica green beans from around the world and roasting them with an intuitive approach, Organico truly puts the hand craft back into Italian style coffee.

Led by Derek Townsend, the coffee fanatic behind the legendary DKD cafe, and the inventor of the flat white.


Pop in to My Fat Puku and treat yourself to one of our perfect coffee's.

Barrier Brew.

2017 was the year Mike Brown (Brownie) came on board and together he and Erica created a pizzeria and bar utilizing an existing liquor license.


Brownie created a microbrewery on site producing several varieties of high-quality beers which are available in bottles and on tap in the café.

Erica created her own kombucha in the brewery and works closely with the kitchen staff to ensure quality food is produced and that locals and visitors experience the friendly atmosphere that my fat puku is known for.


2022 welcomes the new owners Brett and Julie Walford so let’s see what happens next…….

My Fat Puku Beer
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